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Cable and Connector in Audio System (Part 2)

In last post I tell about audio and video signal in difference port. But there is one connector combine both of them. In new karaoke set, home entertainment set or home theater set we can see a new type of connector combine audio and video signal in a single connector. HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) [...]

The Karaoke Machine for Kids

These types of karaoke machines are quite fun-filled; this toy-like equipment can actually allow every child to enjoy his own musical experience. The specialists have taken into consideration the fact that almost every child is likely to love microphones; therefore, these special toys have to be strong enough in order to survive the children?s manhandling. [...]

Sony Headphones Just Won’t Stop Working

Some Sony headphones I use for my MP3 player that just won’t stop working, despite the abuse I put them through. User reviews of Sony Headphones at. I was looking for a replacement headphone for my Creative Zen V, I was not sure what to buy because I could not find any local store that [...]

Building Your Home Theater With The Advantages Of Digital Formats

Along with the popular digital sound formats that are currently available for your home theater system, you also have the choice of using a signal format. For a very long time in the history of television, the only kind of video signal available was analog. Although analogs signals are very steady, they tend to degrade [...]

Sound Absorption and the Noise Reduction Coefficient (nrc)

Sound Absorption and the Noise Reduction Coefficient (nrc) When sound waves travel through air and encounter another medium, the wall of a room, for instance, a portion of the sound will be absorbed by the wall while the remainder will reflect from the wall surface. Add to the mix the other surfaces reflecting sound waves [...]

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