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Channels in Audio System

When we talk about Home Entertainment, Home Theatre or Karaoke System we?ll see term 2 channel, 2.1 channel, 5.1 channel and 7.1 channel. The difference of channel basically differences of among of speaker controlled by audio system. It?s mean there are an audio system control 2 speakers, 3 speakers, 5 speakers, 6 speakers and 8 [...]

Home Theater Overview

I have noticed in my experience that there is a general unfamiliarity with the main ideas that make up a home theater experience. The average home owner is likely to be uneducated on the topic (and that’s okay) however they are then subject to the adolescent attempts of big box home theater salesman or the [...]

How to Place Speakers

Speaker placement or speaker position is an important matter to get the best audio sound in your home theater, home entertainment, home audio or karaoke system. Speaker placement mistakes produce nuptial sound. There are several channels in home audio system such as I discussed last post. But this post describes tips for placing speakers in [...]

Factors to be Attention on Purchasing LCD Tvs

Factors to be Attention on Choosing LCD Tvs There are several factors that you need to be attention when you?re going to purchase for an LCD TV. The price and size are the most important among these factors. It might be hard for you to know all the terms used when talking about LCD TVs [...]

Personal Computer for Home Theater

Personal Home Theater Computer is enjoying the full cinematic home theater experience from the comfort of their living rooms through the use of a personal computer. Use personal computer for home theater makes home theater control easier and simpler. Here are some tips for using personal computer as home theater. Just the Right Specs The [...]

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