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Flat Plasma TV Full Hd Plasma TV

Flat Plasma TV ? One of the most desirable qualities of a flat plasma tv is the physical size in comparison to CRT television. I’m talking about flat referring to physical dimensions; not just about the flat screen. Because the plasma TV is flat, it looks stylish and hi-tech as well as saving space. There [...]

Home Theater Receiver Fuction

A/V Receiver Function An A/V receiver is what could be considered the “command center” of your home theater system. This means that it receives input from some of your home theater devices, organizes that input, and sends it as output to other devices that are attached to your home theater system. This allows you to [...]

Comparison of Plasma and LCD

Planning to build home theater, home audio, home entertainment or karaoke? For those needs surely you need to get a flat-panel? Of course, you want to get a best performance for displaying your movies. And a flat panel LCD or plasma television brings great advantages over an old TV, regardless of which technology sits behind [...]

The Basic Component of Home Theater Decorating is the Tv

Create a home theater decorating your basement or other space into a media room that is both functional and comfortable. A basement is one of the best places to turn into a media room. It generally has fewer windows and a room without windows is ideal. It is easier to control the light and the [...]

The Sound That Gets Around

So you have a noisy neighbor, or maybe your son is now playing the drums, or Dad has a new stereo system. The sound doesn’t bother them, but the noise is obviously nerve wracking for the rest of us. What can be done to soundproof? While you can beef up a single wall, ceiling or [...]

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