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Build Home Theater

Build a home theater, entertainment in a room of a house is dreaming of every audiophile. Home Theater is a place who an audiophile spent very much time to enjoy entertainment privately. In home theater; audiophiles listen music, watch movie, or sing. Usually they play their movie or music collections. There are several things to [...]

LCD TV vs Plasma TV Review

When you are going to showroom and looking at the LCD TV and Plasma TV side by side. Both of the televisions are flat and thin, but they use different engineering to bring you the same results. How a Plasma TV Works Plasma TV engineering use the same basic technology as the fluorescent light bulb. [...]

What AV Receiver can do?

Several friends asked me about AV Receiver can do. I said I would answer in my blog. AV Receiver is a main part of home theater system. AV receiver control all signal processing in home theater. There are two kinds of signal in home theater, audio signal and video signal. AV receiver process both signals [...]

Home theater today is a revolution

Home theater or home entertainment not just piping our television sound through our stereo system. Home theater enormously popular form of entertainment. At its best it provides an experience that transcends the cinema experience, making it something more accessible, more personal and more fun. Looking and sounding better than ever before. Multi-channel audio, in even [...]

How To Reduce Office Noise

Numerous academic studies have proven the positive effects that office plants can have in indoor environments. But can regular office plants really help when it comes to reducing office noise? We need acoustic effect in our office to reduce noise. ? The answer is yes, providing you know what you?re doing. For example, one small [...]

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