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Tips on Placement of Speakers

Speakers are one of the important parts of a sound system. Without the speaker there could not have been any good sound output. Speaker is an electromagnetic transducer whose objective is to convert an electrical signal into sound. Loudspeakers are those which incorporate all the devices that are needed to enhance the quality of the sound.
A speaker can make or break music. Quality of the speakers and the placement of speakers, are very important in producing good quality music.
The question often asked is whether we need better speakers or better placement of the speakers. Another question is why do you need another set of amplifiers, cables and speakers? The usual answer is that there has been a review which describes the superb quality of a newly launched speaker.
Tips on Placement of Speakers
Components of a speaker and loudspeaker can act differently when placed in odd positions. Amplifiers can act a bit up or down when placed on audio racks, shelves or nearer to the edges. The material of the shelves also matters. It is always a good idea to use four legged racks rather than three legged ones.
Proper placement on the ground gives most noticeable response. Plain wooden racks are always better than designer glass.
To get proper the sound you should take a look at the power amplifiers. The three things to look for are the watts, stability, and the current used. Phase patters should also be considered if bi amping configuration is likely to be used. There should be identical phase patters for the power amplifiers.
Is the quality of cables in your least priority list? If yes, and if you think that placement of speakers is all you need to consider, then you are wrong. Better quality cables can make the sound so captivating that you will be ready to pay that extra bit for a good cable set.
The shape and size of the room is also one of the chief concerns in getting good music. The room should be big enough for the low frequency sound to unfold. What should be the shape of the room where the speakers are placed: square, rectangular, long passage type, hall or oval shaped? Also, where should be the furniture placed?
There are quite a few objects that can absorb sound or refute them. The placement of speakers and their design needs to be such that the sound quality is accentuated and not dampened. A well positioned loudspeaker or speaker set can get you a better frequency range, least distortion level and optimized transient level.
The center channel speaker should be the first speaker to be placed in a home theater environment. It is the one that gives you the dialogues or the main sounds. The front, left and right speakers are the ones that translate the signals into stereo music. And the surround speakers are the ones to give you the environmental feeling.
So the effective tips about the placement of the speakers of the home theater system are these: make them inline along, or just behind, the position which you usually occupy, that is, your listening position. The surround speaker should not hit your ear when you are sitting down or else the front speaker will get negated.

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